Paula MaxfieldI worked for myself as a designer dressmaker, specialising in silk wedding dresses, when I became enthralled with the beauty of silk. I now paint not only using silk painting methods, but also those of batik and shibori. I am a self taught ‘Painter of Silk’, painting handbags, scarves, ties, pictures, bookmarks, cushions, key rings, brooches and wearable art. Also using photographs of my original paintings to make greetings cards.

Silk painting – is a method of painting on silk, allowing the dyes to flow on the fabric. An outline resist can be applied to the silk before painting, allowing the artist to create a line around each area to be dyed. The resist acts as a barrier, and many colours can be used when painting.

Batik is different, because selected areas of the cloth are blocked out by wax. The parts covered in wax, resist the dye and remain the original colour. The process of waxing and dyeing is repeated, allowing new colours to be added, creating more elaborate designs. After the final dyeing the wax is removed, and the cloth can be used.

Shibori is the transfer of dye through layers of fabric by folding, pleating, twisting and then tying or wrapping to create unique one- off designs.

Art on Silk is just that, hand painted art on silk. I produce a large selection of painted silk, which I can make into fashion accessories and wall art. I am also a member of The Guild of Silk Painters, Silk Painters International and The Batik Guild.

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