Babs Taylor

Babs started her ceramics career at an evening class in Bolton in 1981. Several ceramics and design courses later, she graduated from Central Lancashire University in 1990. She taught City & Guilds ceramics at Bolton Community College for 6 years before becoming head of department in 1997 and finally leaving the profession to set up… View more

Diana Morrison

I originally trained in printed textiles and fashion design, having a degree from Gloucestershire College of Art & Design (now the University of Gloucestershire). I have worked as a designer and illustrator in industry and taught Fine Art and Fashion and Textile Design at various Further Education Colleges. Over the years, I have experimented with… View more

Lucy Mitcham

I was lucky to grow up in a creative family, where we spent time learning and using sewing and other textile skills. My sisters and I used my mum’s precious Singer machine constantly, and we always had dress-making projects on the go. I think this formative practical experience, along with a tactile appreciation of using… View more