AN16aI have a design degree from Liverpool Polytechnic and have worked in the arts for 30 years mainly as a computer artist, work that I enjoy but which lacks tactility. In looking for a more hands on outlet for my creativity I have over the years, tried various approaches and materials before glass caught my imagination.

Enthused I started developing my ideas and techniques and was able to demonstrate my work to The Crafts Council who awarded me a grant. Thanks to this I have bought equipment which has enabled me to increase the size and scope of the work I do. I now fuse glass in all my free time and exhibit in many small galleries across the UK along with commission work for clients. I find natural phenomena, movement, water and light endlessly fascinating. I continue to return to the movement of light through water and glass.

I love the fluidity of fish under water and try to recreate this in my 2D work. I use layers to mimic the refractive properties of water along with movement and balance to imitate natural actions.

My work is best seen with the light behind it so many pieces are designed to hang at windows or sit on windowsills, where they can freely move.


Contact Details

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