Christine Corthorn - No 1 Fossil Stoneware ceramic.I discovered clay whilst studying Art at teacher training college and knew immediately that this was a medium to which I could relate. After teaching ceramics for almost thirty years, I still experience the same satisfaction and enjoyment whilst designing and making with this material.

My work is both ornamental and functional. It is organic in nature and inspired by water, its movement and its effect upon objects and surfaces. Designs and shapes found in water, sand, pebbles and rock formations are amongst the many starting points which influence my work. A limited palette of glazes and oxides are used to emphasis the surface textures and simple shapes which make up each original piece.

I use stoneware clays and handbuild each piece using the basic construction techniques of coiling and slabbing. Paperclay is sometimes used to add texture and emphasis detail. Work is fired to 1260 in an electric kiln.


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