Diana Morrison

I originally trained in printed textiles and fashion design, having a degree from Gloucestershire College of Art & Design (now the University of Gloucestershire). I have worked as a designer and illustrator in industry and taught Fine Art and Fashion and Textile Design at various Further Education Colleges. Over the years, I have experimented with… View more

Lucy Mitcham

I was lucky to grow up in a creative family, where we spent time learning and using sewing and other textile skills. My sisters and I used my mum’s precious Singer machine constantly, and we always had dress-making projects on the go. I think this formative practical experience, along with a tactile appreciation of using… View more

Paula Maxfield

I worked for myself as a designer dressmaker, specialising in silk wedding dresses, when I became enthralled with the beauty of silk. I now paint not only using silk painting methods, but also those of batik and shibori. I am a self taught ‘Painter of Silk’, painting handbags, scarves, ties, pictures, bookmarks, cushions, key rings,… View more